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i was dreaming of a mountain in the sky above the flood
and a forest and a city and a river made of blood

baptist guy keeps getting closer
tries to pull me down to the river
have i been such a wayward daughter ?
hold my head under the water

take my hand now, we'll go walking
on that mountain above the flood
in the forest we'll make a canoe
put it in the river of blood

oh, then i started shouting
i felt like i was drowning
baptist, he keeps on plunging
my hands, they keep on grabbing
his hair, a tangled nest
he smacks me across the chest
"oh, what have i done then, father ?"
"you've been a wayward daughter."

left my mind on the riverbank
left behind in the mud, it sank
baptist guy, i gotta thank you
for the bath, though i didn't want to

i feel the harsh demands
made by the baptists hands
he bends me across his knee
i'm backwards, i cannot see
there's filth streaming out of me
there's water rushing over me
there's filth streaming out of me
there's water rushing over me...

when the river becomes an ocean
every spirit of every man
will rise up and we will recall that
we are all but one blood again


from The River, Travel Light, Finish Line, track released September 3, 2001


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Diane Cluck


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