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telepathic desert

from by Diane Cluck



did you receive this love
across the telepathic desert
switchboards are corroding
in the micro-ranging waves

did you receive this love
across the telepathic desert
a million signals singe
for every syllable that saves

today i send out love
i wonder if you will receive it
they shoot it down so often
i have watched it
and believe that if it hasn't reached your mind
and it fell short of your heart
it's still crawling through the desert floor
where scorpions and sun
scorch and sting it all apart

do not misunderstand me
i see the desert beauty
the cactus flower blooming
from the bleaching of the bones
but this used to be a river
till misappropriated
by electrical confusion
and the frying of the phones
frequencies ranging thru arcs of extra signal
yardage and miles of interfering stuff
invisible scribblings overwrite the tired air
with an ever-present static
so the traveling is rough
it stumbles over distances
but i have sent enough
the atmosphere unraveling
till you receive this love


from Oh Vanille / ova nil, released March 1, 2004


all rights reserved



Diane Cluck


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