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search party

from by Diane Cluck



and so
into the woods we went
deep and deeper
deep and deeper
night seemed to be falling
you said, “how long ?
how long ?”
two by two
two by the end were all that was left
of the search party out in the night
till at last they all went home

from trees
we watched in disbelief
my eyes, your eyes, their eyes
they all thought we'd been caught
and so began disbanding
two by two
two by the end were all that was left
only you and me up there in the night

you said,
“focus on their eyes
and you'll know what they're saying.
focus on their eyes from far away.
can't you feel a comfort
though the sky's gone grey ?”


from black with green leaves, released October 15, 2002


all rights reserved



Diane Cluck


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