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modern day

from by Diane Cluck

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kids outside are throwing rocks

modern day stonings
modern day cruelty
modern day torture
this is what fuels me
and this day’s a scorcher

how do you love me, love me, love me ?
let me count the ways
why do you shove me, shove me, shove me
underneath the waves ?

your hands in my hair,
you pull me down
is this a joke until we drown ?

modern day drownings
modern day cruelty
modern day dealings always unspool me

things arise to compliment each other
the skin, when burned, weeps its own water
the woman, now grown, gives birth to a daughter
who carries a torch of hot, white light

everything is right

the dull reflects the bright
and the bright shows off the dull
cuz the window needs the wall

we spent our time on an untamed beach
where rocks thrust up from sand
we spent our money on sun-warmed fruits
that broke open & wept in our hands

modern day,
m o d e r n d a y,
modern day

this day’s a scorcher !


from Monarcana, released July 10, 2006


all rights reserved



Diane Cluck


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