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impatient sun

from by Diane Cluck



tonight is colder than the fingernails of bitches
buckled belts on angry men
i was riding when the onslaught happened
i said, 'here we go again'
there was paper blowing all around the ditches
calling me to find a pen
and when i went into the pen shop
i almost stayed too long
if you stop to think
what color ink to write your scriptures in
your vision will be gone
and everytime i bear a vision of you
i admit, i try to stop it
but mothers cannot carry babies past their due
so why deny if i'm a prophet
i see you waiting like an impatient sun
knowing the moon will soon eclipse it
i see greatness in your future
and then
i see you'll never glimpse it
before you're yanked away

and oh, i shiver
for all the unknown painters
who complete their masterpieces
on the undersides of rocks
and everyday
there are fishermen awake at dawn
that find their boats have gone
the ragged ropes still trailing off the docks...
i'm waiting like an impatient son
knowing his momma's gonna leave
when you see death
written on a living face before you
you just get on with it
cuz what are you supposed to grieve ?

the night is teeming with the bloody teeth of traitors
hear it beating with the plastic hearts of liars
the toxic fumes would keep the godly ones away
were they thrown into the fires
but you are waiting like an impatient sun
waiting for its turn to shine
and like the sun
we're gonna miss you
your brightness
when you leave us all behind


from macy's day bird, released November 15, 2001


all rights reserved



Diane Cluck


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