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casting about

from by Diane Cluck



i was raised by hysterics
but the bed in my barracks afforded me views of the sky
and so trained by the clouds
neither troubled nor loud
i was calmed by their silence and sigh to let go
casting about with nothing to show

when it rains on the barracks
the rains falls on bare backs of prisoners leaning through windows
from clouds drifting free
strewn and boundlessly unbothered
by which way the wind blows them along
casting about and nothing is wrong

when the body, the bones and the blood are all light
and water that flows from day into night
when the pull and the puncture
are painless and bright
i am here
i am here

in this life of hysterics, behold--simple lyrics !
my mind complicates and entraps
but like knotted necklaces yanked when you're reckless
some golden links fall in my lap
skies from which i cowered bring forth only showers
that soften the stuck and the hard
now fingers drift outward from fists into flowers
that spring from the mud in the yard
oh, let go
cast me about
there is nothing to know


from black with green leaves, released October 15, 2002


all rights reserved



Diane Cluck


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