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(bonus track) gedifra

from by Diane Cluck

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when the flowers up on the sill turn
their faces away
from the dark shadows of the house
to the brightness of day
they are shaming you
for taking more than your share
when you met them in the meadow
you should have just left them there

see the old cat you keep around--
how he's bored by your call
he used to be a hunter
now his belly sweeps dust down your hall

cuz you dragged a wild thing inside
and turned your attention to tame it
now everything you have has died
the minute you go to name it

think that one over
think that one over
think that one over
think that one over

and when you do come to this conclusion--
you blew out the fire
when you had a chance to fan it
oh, it's gotten cold here,
how can you stand it ?

come, get warm
come outside, take my arm

great green waves of wheat / weeds
are waving in the fields
they seem to greet us
we wave our answer
we wave our answer


from Oh Vanille / ova nil, released March 1, 2004


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Diane Cluck


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