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a beast in a barn

from by Diane Cluck



and if i touch you plain as a beast in the barn
to siphon its heat and in that way keep warm
warm and slow and gentle and sweet
if i move to you to siphon your heat
will i feel you giving as simply to me ?
effortless and silently

or will i be read through the glass of mistrust ?
like men who make passes when drunk, in disgust
revealing the captive they've kept of their need
a horrible flower
a beautiful seed
who would not recoil from this if they saw ?
and though i'm afraid i might feel you withdraw
i like to think of the beast in the barn
that breathed on the baby to keep him all warm
i know in my heart i am innocent too
i cannot make my defense to you
beyond what i say
beyond what i do...

so i move to you like the beast in the barn
there are holes in the roof, and outside the storm
sends some of its snow down to rest on your coat
i bend my head to the heat of your throat
and as i move to you
you move to me
effortless and silently


from macy's day bird, released November 15, 2001


all rights reserved



Diane Cluck


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